AFamily's Health is like the Human Body

We cannot expect to find solutions to the global economic crisis, war and terrorism in the Middle East or the environmental issues we face if we cannot manage to have a peaceful and loving relationship with members of our own family. Likewise we cannot go forward into life from childhood as our truest and most radiant self if we have not had a family that has helped celebrate who we are all along the way.

The Prodigal Family offers a new and innovative look at family dynamics with a spiritual twist: It proposes that all families have their issues, but that is not the crux of the problem. The problems emerge when the challenges that families face cannot be met with humility and forgiveness. In the absence of humility and forgiveness, the challenges faced by families over generations are embedded into future generations the way that diseases develop in our body when we refuse to reduce our stress, eat a healthy diet and respect our bodies. The family is like a macrocosm of the human body. What we feed it, how well we treat it and respect are all part of how well the family grows, matures and becomes it truest and most fulfilled self.
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The body would have a hard time if any of its vital organs were diseased: the heart, the kidneys, the brain. So works the family. I have heard it said that a mother is only as happy as her most unhappy child. A body is only as healthy as its most unhealthy organ. However, when our body becomes diseased, like our family, it can be an amazing opportunity for change - a chance to recognized something that may have been long neglected. A bad habit or even a less than healthy way of living may finally need our attention. When we are willing to give this over and to surrender to what is underneath these symptoms, we can take ourselves to a higher place of health and consciousness that may not have been possible before the disease.

So it is with family. We all have our strife. It is more about what we do with it, our willingness to embrace it, process it, transform it and have gratitude for all that the transformation brings that defines who we are and the level of joy our family can bring to us over the course of our lives.

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